Funeral Resources

How to Plan Your Own Funeral

Individuals today are rethinking how they will observe their demise. Not so long ago, the plan for a proper funeral had several steps. Including – A viewing, wake or visitation Funeral service day Followed by a cemetery service Despite this, last year nearly 50% of the people who died were cremated. This is based on…
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What about Cremation?

With the cost advantage over a standard funeral and burial, cremation has become increasingly popular over the last 10–15 years. Statistics from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) show cremations in the US in 2015 was 48.6 percent. Projections for 2020 are expected to climb to 57.3 percent. Possible reasons for the increase in…
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How much does a Funeral cost?

The average funeral ranges between $7,000 and $13,000. This includes a service and viewing, transporting remains, funeral home fees, embalming, a casket and other preparations. Not included items are; flowers, obituaries, cemetery plot, marker or headstone. The cost of funerals have been rising steadily over the last 40 years. Today, a typical funeral will cost…
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