8 Best Features of a Burial Insurance Policy

features and benefits of burial insurance

Burial Insurance has been in high demand over the last decade, especially since the baby-boomer generation has been moving into their senior years. With so many individuals looking for this form of insurance, we wanted to put together a quick list of the 8 top features of a Burial Insurance Policy.

Super-Fast Approvals

Here at Life Choice Advisors, we work with the top rated insurance carriers. Several of these carriers now have an application process that has an instant decision. In some cases approval times can be as little as 15 minutes. The length of time it takes always depends on the particular insurance company.

No Medical Exam

You will not be required to have a medical exam or provide your health records. The application process will consist of some health questions along with the insurance company verifying your MIB records.

Forgiving Underwriting

Life insurance companies understand folks may develop health issues as they age. With this in mind, burial insurance policies are accepting of some considerable health conditions. However, even though these plans have lenient underwriting, there are a few medical issues that may be considered uninsurable. In those cases, a guaranteed issue policy would be the best option.

Small Face Value options

Some insurance carriers will allow as little as $2,000 in coverage. Most offer death benefit values in the range of $5,000 – $30,000. This allows budget friendly options for clients where you only buy what you need.

Permanent Coverage

Burial insurance policies are whole life insurance. That means there are 3 things you can count on for sure. Your payment will never increase. Your coverage will never decrease. And the policy will not expire. It will always be there no matter how long you live.

Cash Value Builds

Considering these are whole life policies, a cash value will accumulate through time. This cash value is available (loan option) for financial hardships if needed. Moreover, the cash value can even make your payments should you find yourself in a budget shortfall.

While we don’t recommend using the loan option, it is a feature that can be handy if you find yourself in a financial pinch.

You can take it with you

What would happen to your policy if you move?

Nothing. It does not make any difference where you live. If you pass away, the insurance carrier will pay the death benefit no matter your location.

Guaranteed Issue

There are some health conditions that are considered uninsurable with any sort of underwriting.

In these situations, a guaranteed issue policy is your only option. These plans do not check medical history or ask health questions. Your approval is guaranteed.

The good news is there is always a plan for everyone. The bad news with these plans is that they have a 2 year waiting period and typically cost more.

So, if you were to die in the first two years the insurance company would refund all of your money plus interest to your beneficiary . After the two years however, your policy will pay out in full just like any other whole life insurance.


The latest statistics still show over 10,000 seniors per day are turning 65. A good portion of them are not prepared to pay for their funeral expenses.

This is one reason why burial insurance plans are so sought-after. With high demand, there are dozens of life insurance companies offering burial expense coverage.

Let us help you navigate the many options available and take advantage of these 8 best features. We will ensure you get the best coverage available with a premium that fits comfortably within your budget.